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10 tips energy saving with lighting

High energy prices, short payback period

At the end of last year, we saw a big increase in energy prices. This increase has continued this year, and who knows when it will stop? Reason enough to save energy and money. This can easily be done with lighting. We are happy to share our 10 tips for saving energy with lighting!

1. Replace old lighting

The biggest savings is in replacing the old bulbs (e.g., halogen and incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes). An LED bulb consumes up to
10 times less
than a halogen lamp and even
25 times less
than a light bulb. As a result, you will soon have recouped the investment in LED lighting.

In addition, several subsidies available for making businesses more sustainable, a win-win situation.

2. Use sensor lighting

When no one is present, it is often unnecessary to leave the lights on. A easy and
inexpensive solution
for this is a (motion) sensor. This switches lighting automatically off if no movement is detected for certain time.

Depending on the degree of presence or motion, sensor lighting can be a savings up to

3. Replace old LED lighting

It’s been a while since LED lighting made its appearance. During this time, things have not been sitting still and LED lighting has developed considerably. Thus, the ‘
new generation
LED lighting a lot better and energy-efficient than the first led lighting.

This also makes it interesting to replace old LED bulbs. This can save up to

4. Review the lighting plan

An outdated or incorrect lighting plan can cost considerable energy and money. Therefore, it is often a good choice to review the lighting plan after some time.

Thus, there is the possibility that obsolete lighting has been used or that there are
unnecessary number of lamps
used are. Also, if the property is a redesign has had, we recommend a review of the lighting plan.

5. Use dim lighting

Dimming is a nice and easy way to save energy, dim your LED lights 20% then save you also save 20% energy.

With our new
dynamic dimming lighting
it is even possible to have lighting automatically dim when no customers are present, for example. This way, counters or showrooms are not unnecessarily brightly lit. At
this butcher shop
you can see how it goes about its business.

6. Refurbish lighting

Replacing lighting doesn’t always have to be complicated. Sometimes the housing of a lamp is still perfect but the light source is not energy efficient. In such a case, we can only replace the light source so that the
housing preserved

This is a sustainable and
option to replace existing lighting with new energy-efficient lighting.

7. Use daylight

The sun goes up for nothing! So we need to make (extra) use of that. You can easily do this by using the curtains or blinds open as much as possible. In addition, a skylight the perfect way to take full advantage of daylight.

If enough natural light is coming in, there is less need for bright or long lighting.

8. Clean the lamps

Cleaning is not the most fun but it has to be done anyway. Often we see that lighting is still skipped. We think that’s a shame, because a dirty or dusty lamp gives less light.

So clean your lamps regularly. Perhaps after this you can dim the lights and thereby
less energy

9. Use separate switches

One switch for a large room is actually too few. As a result, you alleviate the
entire room
whereas this
not always necessary
. Therefore, make sure you can turn lights partially on/off in a room.

This way, only the lighting you need consumes energy. In addition, by partially lighting a room, you can also create a different atmosphere. Win-win!

10. Turn off lights

We conclude with an easy tip. But we still feel it is important to mention this tip as well.

In practice, it often happens that lights are not turned off. This may be because the forgotten or because one does not feel like walking to the switch, for example.

Save energy
By turning lights off when you are not using them!


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