Less loss
less energy costs

The presentation of your fresh produce is crucial, we understand. With more than 42 years of experience within the fresh produce industry, you can call us experts. Request the free lighting check for your fresh produce store today. This way you ensure less wastage, better product presentation at lower energy costs. A win-win situation!

Better lighting, better
product presentation

With the right lighting, you can make your fresh produce look fresher and more attractive. Our quality lighting provides bright and even light, bringing the colors of produce to life and emphasizing quality and freshness. Our specially designed light system extends the shelf life of your products through the use of smart sensors.

The light check

During the lighting check, one of our experienced experts will check the lighting in your fresh produce store. Where are areas for improvement? How would you like your own lighting and how can you save on your energy bill. Issues that will all be addressed during this free light check.


Save and improve

With new lighting, you use significantly less energy than with older lighting. In addition, the smart lighting system lets you automatically control lighting so that products are only “strongly” lit when customers are in the store. This will save you up to 85% on your energy costs. Curious about the possibilities? Then request the energy check for free.

Save on energy costs with smart lighting!

Request our free light check today and experience the possibilities for your fresh produce store!

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    Less loss Up to 85% less energy costs Increased customer spending

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