Saving with LED business lighting


There are many reasons to switch to new lighting. Not only will you save on your energy bill, but you will also enjoy better light and contribute to a greener world. That way you’ll have a quick return on your investment. Switching can be done easily and quickly, we are happy to help you with this. From a custom lighting plan to expert installation.

A project
a partner

We are your lighting partner for the entire project. No fussing with different parties for each part for the project but just easily one company with a fixed point of contact. We are happy to tell you how we proceed.

First, we begin with a
, together we look at what you have in mind and what the possibilities are for your business. Once everything is clear our light designers get to work on the
lighting plan
. We draw these completely customized to your needs and requirements. When the lighting plan is completely satisfactory, we provide all the necessary
. These come from
our own production line
in Deurne, or are purchased from brands with whom we have long-standing partnerships. Finally mount our fitters all the lighting and we won’t leave until you are completely satisfied.

Grant for new business lighting

Since 2023, the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) no longer applies to LED lighting, but not to worry. You can still reduce the payback period of new business lighting. You can do so using the Small Scale Investment Allowance (also known as KIA) you can apply for a subsidy of up to 28% of the investment amount. Wondering how much subsidy you can receive? Contact one of our experts without obligation.

Saving with business lighting

We understand that new business lighting can be a big investment. But fortunately, you will have recouped these in no time. So you not only enjoy better lighting, more atmosphere and fewer emissions. Saving on your energy bill is a long-term benefit. Wondering how much you can save by switching to energy-efficient business lighting? Fill out the savings calculator at the bottom of the page and calculate your savings!

Step 1: Choose your space

Select the space for which you want to calculate the savings.

Meeting Room

Step 2: Choose your lamp

Select the old lamps here that you want to replace with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Economy Lamp
Recessed spotlight
Industrial lamp
TL box

Step 3: Additional data

Enter here how many old lamps you want to replace. You can then enter how long the lamps will be on and which energy price you want to use to calculate the savings.

How many lamps do you want to replace? Combined Shape

How many hours is the light on per day? Combined Shape

How many days is the light on per week? Combined Shape

What is the energy price per kWh? Combined Shape

Space Overview

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Your result

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This result is an estimate based on the entered information.
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