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LIXERO cookie policy

Lixero Retail B.V. (hereinafter: "LIXERO" or "we" ) use cookies on our Website ( "Website" ). This Cookie Policy applies to the use of cookies within Lixero.

1. Cookies and Use of Cookies

A cookie is a simple small file that is temporarily stored in the memory of your computer or mobile device. At a subsequent visit to our Website, cookies enable immediate recognition of your computer or mobile device.

We use different types of cookies. In the first place we use a type of cookies that enable you to use the Website. This type of cookies is necessary for the functioning of the Website. (functional cookies). In the second place we use a type of cookies that help improve the performance of our Website (performance cookies), and finally we use a type of cookies that help us to better understand how visitors use our Website, so that we can adapt and improve our Website products, services and marketing efforts and to target our users (analysis/third party cookies).

2. Permission

In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, we only place performance cookies and analysis /third party cookies if you have given us permission for that. For the functional cookies permission is not required. You can give this permission by ticking the appropriate box on the "Cookie Screen" that is shown at your first visit of our Website. This Cookie Screen can from time to time be shown again, for example if a particular cookie has been rejected, expired or deleted.

3. Cookies On or Off

You can indicate in the settings of the browser of your computer that you do not want to receive cookies during your visit to our Website. Please note that this may also have consequences for the cookies that are necessary for the functioning of our Website. As a result, it may happen that you cannot use all the features of our Website, or that our Website cannot be used at all. Another possibility is that you indicate in the settings of the browser of your computer that you want to receive a message when cookies are placed.

4. Cookies and Third Parties

On our Website cookies may also be placed by third parties, for example cookies from Google and Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To the use of cookies of third parties the privacy policy and the cookie policy of that third party apply.

LIXERO is not responsible for the use of personal information and cookies by third parties. We will not distribute cookies to third parties, unless our Cookie Policy or Privacy Policy provides otherwise or you have given permission for that.

5. Contact

For more information about this Cookie Policy you can contact us by e-mail via [email protected] or by post at:

Lixero Retail BV
Hendrik Mesdagstraat 2
5753 DA Deurne
The Netherlands

6. Changes

Lixero reserves the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy. We therefore advise you regularly check this Cookie Policy.