"Lighting Designer: H. Rijnders"

"Segment Specialist: E. Krist"

"Partner: De Kever Installaties"

Light for Petrol

The petrol world is ever changing. With the coming of the electric cars is the need to pomp gas, or charge, different then before. More time means that there is room for coffee, food, breaks and more. This change means that the petrol station is changing from a quick place to stop and go towards an relaxing space where motorists can recharge. This case was one of the first where we implemented this new way of thinking. Where light is making the difference in creating a welcoming environment.

We start our project by observing the complete area and match this space with the wishes of the owner. Then, we fill in the different elements with a strategic lighting plan that compliments the general design.

Diffrent parts of the gas station

The owner was looking for the optimal mix between a lunchroom with ambiance and a functional store where costumer can pay for their gas. We fit the lighting accordingly so it fits with the requirements of the specific areas.

The first step of the designing process is the 2D Autocad sketch where all dimensions are filled in. Then, the plan is uploaded in Dialux Evo where we can render it in 3D. A real life example about how the pomp station will look if the choose a certain design and color pallet. To create the difference in ambiance, we selected playful design fixtures and combined these with functional lighting in the ceiling.

Light and human emotions

When we want to feel safe and light is crucial to gain this feeling. Light influences us every day, without that it is even obvious to us. To much light creates a feeling of unwelcoming, to less creates the feeling of unsafety. It is crucial to gain the right balance as the owner of this pomp station knew.

After the first weeks the results where clear. People stayed longer in the lunchroom, bought more coffee and generally had a better time.

Used products

  • Downlight Lixero


  • Pendel armatuur Lixero


  • Picture LED light double


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