"Lighting Designer: P. van Lijssel"

"Segment Specialist: D. Bouwheer"

"Partner: Nettorama "

Light for supermarkets

Within the world of retail brand value and identity gets more and more important. The store is the place where the promised values are materialized. The touchpoints with costumers are divers and should be relatable in every branded store. This is a challenge in regarding their lighting needs. There are many areas (bakery, butcher, hallways, checkout, drinks, Fresh) which all require their own special kinds of light. The branding within the store should be visible, understandable and clear so the shopping experience is rewarding for every party.

This Nettorama shows clearly how many kinds of light are needed to fill-in a commercial divers' area. Supermarkets work normally with a head office where the general management decides how the supermarket is designed. Light is a part of the complete chain, but recognized as one of the most important parts. We upheld the wishes of the management in this case and designed the lighting plan based on their input. 

Diffrent commercial parts

We see a supermarket as many smaller projects fitted in one. All the different departments can be filled in with specialized lighting solutions tailored to the needs of that specific zone. We start with the most important parts; the butchery and fresh food presentations. These require LED lighting with special filters which do less damage to the products. These fixtures are designed firstly in the general interieur to see if the light fits the need.

The rest of the different zones are designed according to the building plan. We create the lighting based on the placement of the furniture, routing and checkout areas.

The effect of light on client behaviour

Implementing the right levels of lighting strengths is crucial for the general feel of the store. Clients are influenced in their buying behavior if the store they are shopping in feels “right”. By aiming light at specific objects and commercial presentations the change is that extra sales can be made. The human mind is set to look at presentations that are a little difference from the rest. Light is so much more than just a functional meaning for visibility. 

The used products

  • De SC-D

  • De TM

  • De DS

  • De IC

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