"Lighting Designer: P. van Lijssel"

"Segment Specialist: L. Cornez"

"Partner: Vereniging van Keurslagers"

Light for meat products

How does a butcher combine design and functional lighting for their store? This is one of our specialisms. We start every project with the end-costumer, in the case the butcher himself. What does he find important for his store? Which zones should get some more attention than others? The interior design was stated as one of the main aspects for this project. Our partner, Wimag BVBA, created this design and asked us to match the feel and materials with a fitting lighting plan.

This project differentiates itself with by the request of an “eye-catcher” in the middle of the store, one that we could fill in freely if it matched the design. The result? 

Zones in a butcher store

Every butcher store consist of different internal areas which require different kinds of light. We can differentiate between the general commercial area, the workplaces, the freezers, the showcasing and product presentations. For every one of these zones we calculate the different lighting needs and requirements, so the plan is fitted to the room as a whole. All design decisions are communicated to the end-client to see if they match his view on how the store should feel.

If the plan gets the green light we send it through to our partner who is responsible for the installation of the design. 

The effect of light on fresh products

LED lighting givers out small levels of harmless radiation for humans but not for fresh products. Light causes coloration, dryness and shrinking’s in products that are presented. With special filters in our fixtures we are capable to minimize the damage done by LED. This technical innovation goes al the way back to the 70s and is still relevant today. If implemented correctly the damage can be minimized, fewer products have to be cast out and the presentation stays on point.

Used products

  • De TT

  • De PW

  • De SB

  • De TB-L

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